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Welcome to my little nook of the Matrix! My name is unimportant, but you can call me Scorpion. This is your place to learn about the world you live in without the pink (or completely blackened) sunglasses that the corps so happily shove onto our noses. This place is also important to all you runners that are to have any form of business with me… you know who you are… you better know your drek before trying to pull anything on me!

  • Feel free to browse this Host’s Archives to educate yourself on the many things the corps tell us and what they don’t. Contact me if you feel like something should be added!
  • You can get into contact with each other with this handy communication tool I made! This {color:blue}"Discord Channel":https://discord.gg/VQNVqUq! You can even keep your identity a secret from the rest of us… I wouldn’t know why you’d do that though.
  • Listen, you can even verify my existence. Right here. Go ahead. I dare you.

I should tell you right about now that the host restarts at random times and I would hate to learn you were fried by dumpshock. So go on, find what you need, and get the frag out!

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